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Traffic Rider MOD APK: Download Latest v1.4 Unlimited for Android

Download Traffic Rider MOD APK

Traffic Rider MOD APK

Traffic Rider MOD APK v.1.4

Take your insane riding skills to an all new level with “Traffic Rider MOD APK”. Here’s the latest version of “Traffic Rider MOD APK” for Download which features Unlimited Money to increase your adventure without investing a single penny.

Version: v.1.4

Category: Game

App Size: 99.5 MB

Requirement: 3.0 or Higher Version of Android


Description Traffic Rider MOD APK

Traffic Rider MOD APK is a super fast racing game for Android developed by Soner Kara. It is an excellent game framed for fast driving on bikes on a huge prostoram. The game is sort of a mission, to follow the goal of earning a certain score or check a single wheel to determine the speed at which the player is playing. The game takes the endless racing genre to a whole different level by adding a full career mode.

Traffic Rider MOD APK is made with the first-person perspective and recorded real life bike sounds.  The player will go through much more detailed gaming experience keeping constant the old school simplicity and fun. More than 2 dozen types of advanced bikes from different classes are designed to set free on endless highway roads in the dynamic weather like snow-covered roads and deserted area in the day-night cycle.

The players are not supposed to worry about the sharp turns while passing other cars as the tracks are always straight highways. The intuitive motion sensor is very well implemented by tilting device to tilt the bike from side to side. The animation software and advanced graphics instill the excitement of players. “Traffic Rider MOD APK” is available in seventeen languages, any player can get behind the handlebars of a motorcycle and drive at full speed through traffic.

Permissions for “Traffic Rider”

Security Permissions for Traffic Rider MOD APK

  • Full Network Access: Allows the app to create network socket and use custom network protocols.
  • Draw over other apps: Allows the app to draw on top of other applications.

Other Permissions for Traffic Rider MOD APK

  • Read the device Storage: Allows the app to read the contents of the device storage.
  • Pair with Bluetooth Devices: the app is allowed to pair with Bluetooth device to share media.
  • Receive data from Internet:  The app is allowed to receive data from cloud server some appks may cause excessive data use.